Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Nearly finished at the Taster Wall

Oh what a lovely day for walling. Nearly there on the main section, with just a few toppers to complete and tidy up the remaining surplus stone. The opportunity was also taken to partly fill in the repaired wall further down.  The team for the day was Alistair, Barry, Catriona, Graham, Matthew and Roderick.

At close of play

The repaired wall over the newly installed drainage pipe
Next week looks like a few hours to finish.

No of wallers 6

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Back at the Taster Wall

Was this going to be the day we completed the rebuild of the taster wall. Sorry to say it was not to be, but we did add at least three courses and a number of through stones.  Also we did have a dry day at last.

Today we were joined by Alistair a local lad from a farm at Fellbeck.  He has previous experience of repairing their farm walls, but wanted further guidance. The rest of the team was Barry, Graham, Roderick and Tony.

Just before the lunch break

Back after lunch 

At close of play at 3.30pm 

A couple more courses and the toppers to complete next week

No of wallers 5

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Taster Wall

Unfortunately we had to postpone last week's session on the Taster wall due to the heavy rain.  So it was with a high expectation that we would complete the rebuild of the wall today.  Having made a good start in dry conditions, regrettable we had to retire shortly after lunchtime when the rain arrived again to dampen our spirits.  Let us hope the weather will be dry and sunny next Wednesday.

The team for the half day was Barry, Catriona, Matthew, Richard & Tony.

At coffee break time and still dry

Time to make a hasty retreat from the rain 
No of wallers 5