Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A spot of Gardening

No walling was done this week but Barry very kindly did a spot of gardening to clear the way for us to do a bit more next time.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Inspection Day at Markenfield

Today we had a visit from Ian Curteis to inspect our work on the Park Pale wall and thank us for our time and effort. The team on duty was Catriona, Graham, Richard, Roderick and Tony.

Ready to be inspected

Graham's additional task today was to help a passing lady walker with a stuck jacket zip
At close of play after topping out one section and raising the next section by four courses
The view from the back of the wall
and along the top

Tony H
No of wallers - 5

Location: Markenfield Hall, Ripon HG4 3AD, UK

Finished at Dacre Top

Paul and I completed the repair to the east wall of the Burial Ground yesterday,

We enjoyed working at the site and the structure of the wall presented its own challenges, but we hope that it will be stronger for our work.

I am not sure that we feel stronger for our work, having lifted some very heavy top stones onto an unusually high wall.
Barry S.
No Wallers: 2