Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Short Day

Matthew Graham and I turned up Markenfield today  expecting to get a good shower, however despite the promise of a good deluge by mid morning we managed to wall until 1 o'clock with not a drop of rain. Thankfully our decision to stop at one was a good one since the clouds let their cargo go not long after.

We managed another course and topped out the current section.

We took a different path on or return round the back of the Hall to avoid a, quite friendly looking (but you never know), bull who was guarding our usual approach to the carpark.

 Some Markenfield cows

A single course was added (front) 

That same course from the back

Then the top stones were added - front

 and back

 Friendly looking Bull

Richard H
No of wallers: 3

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Oil Seed welcome

A blaze of yellow approaching Markenfield Hall on a beautiful sunny morning. Matthew & Barry made an early start, soon to be joined by Rod & Catriona sauntering along the bone dry track. Matthew tackled the heavier task of bigger stones in the gap between retained sections of wall, while Rod, Catriona & Barry laid more courses on last week's stint. The unaccustomed warmth sapped our energies so we called it a day at 2.30 rather than start another course.

The blaze of yellow

The wall at Lunch time

More shots of the wall at Lunch time

A shot of the wall post lunch

The Back of the wall at the end of the day

The front of the wall at the end of the day

Barry S.
No of Wallers: 4

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Windy Markenfield

Barry, Roderick and I battled with the wind and tussled with the crowds at Markenfield as it opened it's door to the public once more. Despite the skeleton crew we managed to put 4 courses on a 6m stretch. This was mainly down to the fact that due to the noise of the wind we were hardly able to communicate with each other. It's amazing what that extra energy does for you.

As a consequence of the wind Roderick was able to pick up the, to him, rather overpowering smell of a fox, although I can't be sure if it wasn't a subtle hint to improve my grooming habits.

The state of play at the end of last week

A course added before break time

Another course added in time for lunch

Two more course up by end of play

Richard H.
No. Wallers: 3

In other News

We've had word from the stone shifter and cope chisler in chief himself Mr. Richard P.:-

The East Midlands branch of your worthy organisation opened for business today with a grand total of four volunteers. It was an interesting start clearing a very derilict wall so the tree surgeon could get in to remove to sycamore roots. The start is gentle 30 metres of wall approx 1 metre high at the inside and 1.30 at the road side.

All the best

No that is not me.....


I do hope you are observing the two Richards rule in the new branch. When are we due to come and help out?
Richard the Younger.

In yet more News

It seems the Cows didn't like our wall up at Eastwoods farm - the Cup and Ring site. They've made a bit of a mess of our fine work up there . You live and learn; cows have the turning circle of a barge and the spacial awareness of a toddler in a bumper car, you must give them plenty of room.