Thursday, 17 May 2018

That sinking feeling

As the sweet smell of the bog wafted up our nostrils for the umpteenth time today, I'm sure Barry, Graham, Rod, Matthew all joined me in thinking ourself very fortunate that we'd swapped the bright sunny vistas at Markenfield for the odoriferous sinking sensation at Ivin Waite.

Despite first inspection seeming to suggest that things had well and truly dried out, first inspection suggestion were wrong. It was wet underfoot and more importantly under foundations. We lugged a few big stones into the bottom of the wall and hoped for the best. Another 2 weeks should see the back of that particular stretch and then it's just the wall return and a small gapping job to do.

Such an accommodating landscape

Before work began

Pondering our predicament

Foundations! Yes that's right Foundations

At the close of the day

T'other side - at the end of the day - after Rod had put the fence back in place

Richard H.
No. Wallers: 5

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Garlic and sunshine

The woods behind and around us were filled with garlic and blue bells for our final week at Markenfield.
Catriona, Barry and I were able to do a fair bit of walling in-between greeting the passing walkers, but we didn't managed to finish the section before we move on to Ivin Waite.

The wall at break time front an back

Lunch time

The end of the day

Richard H.
No. of wallers: 3

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

No Hare here, but deer over there.

I tried to put most of you off with the promise of terrible weather, but I had consulted the wrong oracle and the day turned out rather splendidly. Thankfully Barry, Val and Chris had gleaned their forecast from a more reliable source and informed me of my misguided ways. As I met them at the car park the clouds parted the rains stopped and the sun shone, I claim no causal relationship.

Graham joined us a 11ish and we were able to finish off and top a further section of the wall.

The day was book ended by close encounters with a thankfully docile Bull. The morning saw a deer  of some description (the N.T. deer wardens may be able shed more light on the specific flavour of deer) leaping about the fields, and the return journey back to the car was notable for the presence of a pheasant hen trying to hide in a puddle as we walked just a yard or two either side of her.

Nice bit of bulge where the original foundations stuck out.

A preview of next years Markenfield joy.

Richard H.
No of wallers: 5.