Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Stone Cold Rossett

Barry and I made our penultimate visit to Rossett School making good progress with reduced student numbers, which made for a much better experience all round - We had one pupil each to deal with and we could really show them how to do different tasks.
It was pretty nippy and wet so we had a  quick lunch under the pergola with a leylandii serving as a brolly and continued unaided in the afternoon.

The Markenfield Three

A very cold day and windy with a touch of rain.  An intrepid three Graham, Catriona and  Roderick.
 We almost didn't start but eventually did a morning stint which involved a bit of reworking of last week as well as some new.
The temperature seemed to drop after lunch so we packed up and went home early!

Wallers: 3

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Return to Markenfield

Today was Me, Roderick, Matthew, Mark (no Luke or John).  - Graham
We were pretty lucky with the weather, it was a bit breezy but mainly dry. Though poor Matthew who was doing some "demolition" spent  the entire period in a swirling dust cloud. - Rod.

Photos - Graham
Wallers: 4