Wednesday, 14 March 2018

March Hare time at Markenfield

Unfortunately I arrived too late to get a picture of the hares leaping in the field, but I was reliably informed by the early starters (Catriona, Matthew and Roderick) that they had been sighted.  Later starters were Tony, Mark and Richard.

The task today was to complete the topping out of the current section and strip out the next section.

Where better to sit whilst having lunch

Roderick decides to look down on his fellow wallers

Topping out completed just after the lunch break

The next section stripped out ready for rebuilding 

Time to depart 

No of wallers - 6
Tony H

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Return of the Seven

Now that the snow has nearly gone the group returns to Markenfield with another team of seven (Barry, Chris, Graham, Roderick, Richard, Val and Tony).

Before the team arrive

The team take up their positions

Tony checks out a vital communication link to Markenfield Hall before starting work

Back after the lunch break

Who is that hiding behind the wall ? 

Graham searches for the right size stone
The view from the other side of the wall

Tony throws in his hat as finishing time approaches

Who is that leaving early ?
More to do next week 

The answers to the questions are Barry and Roderick 

No of wallers - 7


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Many Returns

This week was a week of returns. Roderick came back from Portugal, Catriona came back from the dead (or was it just the flu), and Chris came back for the first time in a year, which we only allowed 'cause he brought Val with him.
It was a bracing day but not as cold as the past few weeks, and spurred on by the cold we managed to get a pretty decent amount done. One section near completion and another taken down and rebuilt to the fourth course.

The only issue we had all day was that Roderick became very concerned about my underwear, likening my attire to that of John Major in a Steve Bell cartoon, I tried to reassure him that it was only a pair of cycling shorts with the arm loops dangling, but he was not to be reassured.

No. Wallers: 7 (Richard, Roderick, Graham, Barry, Chris, Val, Catriona)
Richard H.