Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A short day on the wall

With the arrival of heavy rain just before 12 noon, the team of Barry, Graham, Matthew, Richard, Roderick & Tony, battled on until 1.00pm without a lunch break. There was an offer from Ian Curteis to take an early lunch in the Hall's Undercroft, but this was politely refused as it would mean no one would want to return to the wall.

Guess who arrived by bike

One course added before the coffee break

Just before the rain arrived

Close of play at 1.00pm 

Tony H
No of wet wallers 6

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Moving past the "ivy"

Today's team of Catriona, Chris, Graham, Richard, Roderick and Tony set about the next section of wall.

Plenty of  filling here

The first course completed by lunchtime

Where better to have lunch 

Sorry I forget to mention that Oscar was also in attendance

At close of play

Tony H
No wallers: 6

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Completed up to the "ivy" section

A decision was taken not to dismantle the ivy covered section, but just rebuild the collapsed top section.  So whilst Barry, Catriona, Matthew and Richard worked on completing the remaining top courses, Tony tackled the "ivy" gap.

During the day we were honoured by a visit from Ian and Deirdre Curteis to check on our progress. We also had a group of  lady walkers stop to chat about what we were doing.

The ivy gap

After lunch it was time to tackle the next section of the wall

The next section at close of play

The completed wall up to the ivy section from both sides

Tony H
No of wallers 5