Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Light and Bright Ivin Waite

Barry, Graham and I had a pretty reasonable day a Ivin Waite. I wouldn't say it was warm, but Graham was down to shirt sleeves and I was walling in a t-shirt for part of the day.
Graham braved the soggy side of the wall. Whilst Barry was on the more challenging side from a walling perspective.

Photos courtesy all three wallers!

Barry continues walling despite the call for coffee break

The wall at lunch time

The wall at the end of the day with fence posts back in place

Richard H.
No Wallers : 3.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Weather Dodging at Markenfield

Just three of us Self, Barry and Roderick.

Weather held off until we left at 1.30 but I think we'd been protected a bit by the trees. Barry walled on the field side of the wall where the smell of muck spreading was quite intense but on the other side, no smell at all!

Progress at early morning

The wall at the end of the day 

No. Wallers: 3

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Soggy and Boggy

Graham, Catriona, Barry and I continued work up at Ivin Waite.  Chris Prince had put in an electric fence to keep the newly transferred cows in place, and despite the dampness under foot the day was quite pleasant. Straying off the path did run the risk of sinking up to the ankles, or further, in squelchy mud but for the most part we stayed relatively dry.
Catriona and Barry did have some specks of mud on their jeans, Graham was a bit more muddy whilst I looked like I'd been rolling around in it all day. So not much change there.

Here's what we achieved; it was slow going.

At lunchtime

Graham cuts some reeds to lay in front of the wall and help prevent sinking in the mud

The wall at home time

Richard H
No of Wallers: 4



Pics at last and a report from the East Midlands branch. I did enjoy the shots of Markenfield brought back happy memories.

The progress here is slow. Three of us and I am defiantly Richard the younger. A walling Wednesday is at best 2.5 hours but it is still fun. 

The wall is approx 20 metres long and in three distinct sections. The first (top) section we were able to save much of the wall but the stone is very crumbly. Ketton's biggest employer is a cement works.that approx 5 metres is finished. We are laying the foundation on the central section. This is where two mature trees have been removed. We have problems with large roots and three stumps. You may spot where the foundations steps in a little to avoid one stump and a large stone on the outside of the foundation bridges over a second stump.

The third section we are digging out it is under 5 feet of earth at the end. The remaining wall under the earth looks ok ish but again is crumbly. We also unearthed a piece of decorated stone... any publishable suggestions as what to do with it would be appreciated

All the best